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Meeting Documents
2024-04-24_PACE Agenda.V.7
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2024-04-24_19_DTU_Jon Svendsen_Fish abundance and diversity near oil& gas platforms in the North Sea Implications for abandonment strategi
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2024-04-24_18 -Archer_Fernando Bermudez_D&W efficiency enables for temporal well suspension
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2024-04-24_12_TotalEnergies_Alex Lucas_Ben Foreman
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2024-04-24_11_Aker BP, Kjetil Vadset_Hydrogen embrittlement – a case study
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2024-04-24_10_DTU, Charlotte Larsen_Acceptance criteria for abandoned O&G fields – is zero leak zero
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2024-04-24_09-BISN_Paul Carragher_Crossing the threshhold_450 successful deployments of bismuth based sealing technology
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2024-04-24_07_VitriTech_Max Olsen_Glass-based barrier repair for O&G and CCS
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2024-04-24_06_Lee Energy Systems_Stuart Butcher_PT tool for SCVFSAP operations and one trip P&A system
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2024-04-24_05_EPlug_Thore Andersen_An innovative approach to rig-less P&A technology through E Plugs electric manipulation tool
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2024-04-24_04_Petrobras_Rafael Fulco_Tethered BOP an innovative application to shallow waters DP interventions
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2024-04-24_02_DTU_Anders Krag_Welcome Intro
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2024-04-24_01_OTM_Michele Turitto_Meeting Welcome and Introduction_April_v1
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