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Meeting Documents
2018-11-29_University of Tulsa_Buford Pollet_Regulatory Regimes in Jurisdictions of Heightened Interest
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2018-11-29_Total_Johan Kverneland_Introduction to Totals P&A R&D program
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2018-11-29_TGT_Simon Sparke_Well Integrity Platform
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2018-11-29_PSA_Nina Ringoen_Regulatory Engagement and Barrier Verification
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2018-11-29_Paradigm_Hugh MacKenzie_Case Study on new technology to clean and decommision unpiggable riser and flowlines
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2018-11-29_PACE Agenda_November 2018
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2018-11-29_OTM_Henry StAubyn_Meeting Introduction
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2018-11-29_OGTC_Malcolm Banks_OGTC Overview
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2018-11-29_NeoProducts_Anthony Badalamenti_Axel Bois_SCP Elimination & Economic Well Abandonment
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2018-11-29_Meeting Minutes - PACE Nov 2018
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2018-11-29_Gulf Marine Services_Karl Sakapaji_Providing Cost Effective P&A Solutions from an SESV
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2018-11-29_CannSeal_Bengt Gunnarsson_CannSeal Technology - How does it work
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2018-11-29_Abrado_John Donachie_Precision Milling_Medusa
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2018-07-18_WFR_Johnny Hicks_GOM Deepwater Slot Recovery
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2018-07-18_Probe_Jun Zhang_MSIL- A Cost Effective Solution in P&A
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2018-07-18_Petrobras_Otavio Canicali_Cost effective_P&A of Golfinho
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2018-07-18_OTM_Henry StAubyn_Meeting Introduction
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2018-07-18_Foro Energy_Paul Deutch_Offshore Decommissioning Services
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2018-07-18_ExxonMobil_Clarindo Chassungo_Well PAs
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2018-07-18_Curistec_Anthony Badalamenti_Next Generation in Cement Plugging Modeling
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2018-07-18_ConocoPhillips_John Hand_ConocoPhillips Introduction
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2018-07-18_ConocoPhillips_Dan Mueller_Lars Hovda
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2018-07-18_BiSN_Paul Carragher_Sealing Solutions
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2018-07-18_Archer_Jim McNicol_Stronghold_P&A Systems
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2018-07-18_Archer_Jim McNicol_Stronghold Barricade 2017_video
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2018-04-11_Well-SENSE_Tad Bostick_FiberLine Intervention Overview
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2018-04-11_OTM_Henry StAubyn_Meeting Introduction
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2018-04-11_Meeting Minutes - PACE 11 April 2018
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2018-04-11_IRIS_Dave Gardner
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2018-04-11_DNV_David Buchmiller_Joanna Ye_Technology Qualification Process
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2018-04-11_Corelab_George Patton_PAC
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2018-04-11_ConocoPhillips_Randall Shafer_Alternative Mat_Leng_Field_Test_Proj
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2018-04-11_Chevron_Dave_Barrow_Lessons from LWI on SS Wells
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2018-04-11_Abrado_Sandy Esslemont_Rigless P&A_SCP
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