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Meeting Documents
2019-03-28_SimWorx_Gustavo Longhin_Through Tubing Logging
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2019-03-28_OTM_Henry StAubyn_Introduction to March 2019 meeting
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2019-03-28_GOWell_Yanxiang Yu_Through Tubing Measurement of Casing Deformation and Eccentricity
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2019-03-28_ExxonMobil_Nidheesh Bharadwaj_ GOM P&A Design and Challenges - Case Study
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2019-03-28_Emerson_Chris Seckel_Subsea B Annulus Barrier Verification
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2019-03-28_CSI_Tyler James_Material Properties Needed to Create Durable Resin Barrier
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2019-03-28_ConocoPhillips_Randall Shafer_Alternative Plug and Abandonment materials
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2019-03-28_BHP_Doug Stewart_Griffin Well Abandonment - Barrier Issues and Technology Gaps
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2019-03-28_BHGE_Bart Joppe_PACE_Opening Presentation
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2019-03-28_Aarbakke Innovation_Henning Hansen_Coiled Tubing Deployed Heating System
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2019-03-28_ Chevron_Dave Barrow_P&A Aspirations in Thailand with Thermite
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