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Meeting Documents
2020-09-15_Third Energy_Russell Hoare - Operators Newsflash
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2020-09-15_Sudelac_ Paul Howlett - Surface deice to improve P&A cement plugs
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2020-09-15_Repsol - Per Ove Staveland_Update on the recent Gyda campaign to date
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2020-09-15_NORCE_ P&A Laboratories 15092020
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2020-09-15_Huisman_Arthur De Mul_How to accelerate WO and P&A ops in today's new business climate
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2020-09-15_Deep Casing Tools_Alan Glen - Casing Cement Breaker UPdate
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2020-09-15_ConocoPhillips Presentation_not yet available yet
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2020-09-15_Cereus _Nigel Leggett_Thu-tubing multi-string casing and cement inspection tool
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2020-09-15_Archer OilTools_Bjorn Tore Torvestad - Eficient and dependable rock-to-rock barrier installation
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2020-09-15 PACE Meeting Agenda
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2020-04_PACE Agenda_v3
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2020-04-15_University of Stavanger_Mahmoud Khalifeh_UiS P&A Projets
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2020-04-15_TAM International_David Freeman_ Using Inflatable Technology for P&A Rigless Ops
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2020-04-15_PACE Meeting Minutes
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2020-04-15_Heriot_Watt University_Caroline Johnsonn_Risk-Based Well P&A Modelling
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2020-04-15_ExxonMobil_Nidheesh Bharadwaj_ Holly P&A Design Approach & Key Challenges
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2020-04-15_ConocoPhillips_Randall Shafer_Shale as a Barrier
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2020-04-15_Cannseal_Bengt Gunnarsson_An Annular plug as unique as your well
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2020-04-15_Baker Hughes_Sushant Dutta_Multi-Barrier Evaluation using Time_Domain Measurements_v2
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2020-04-15_Aarbakke_Henning_Hansen_Transferring P&A from Rig to Rigless
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