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Meeting Documents
2021-10-19_Uni of Stavanger_Mahmoud Khalifeh_
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2021-10-19_Uni of Stavanger & NORCE_ Øystein Arild and Eric Ford_ Leakage of plugged and abandoned wells – does it matter
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2021-10-19_Uni of Oslo_Andriano_Mazzini_Natural Methane Seepage_A broadly diffused phenomenon
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2021-10-19_Repsol Sinopec_Alan Quirke_A new integrated approach to subsea P&A
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2021-10-19_Probe_Jun Zhang_Case Studies on multi-string isolation logging in P&A operations
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2021-10-19_Panda Seal_Phil Head_Rigless abandonment of multi-annulus using both bismuth and cement
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2021-10-19_PACE Meeting Agenda
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2021-10-19_OTM, Meeting Welcome and Introduction
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2021-10-19_OTM - Network direction
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2021-10-19_NPD_Rune Mattingsdal_The chicken and the egg_public
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2021-10-19_IFE_Viktoriya Yarushina, Fate of plugged wells after abandonment
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2021-10-19_CEED, Adriano Mazzini, Natural methaneseepage
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2021-10-19_Baker Hughes, Bart Joppe_Knut Inge Dahlberg_ Real life examples of carbon footprint reduction in P&A operations today
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2021-10-19_Alseamar, Thierry Grandin and Orens De Fommervault_Sea glider - global environmental monitoring for P&A wells
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2021-04-16_PACE Meeting Minutes-Final
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2021-04-15_PACE Meeting Agenda_Final
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2021-04-14_Well Decommissioned, Marc Nijmeijer_Apollo proprietary software tool and digitisation program
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2021-04-14_SSI_John Allen_Ramanan Krishnammrti_R&D to improve safety and efficiency of energy production lifecycle
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2021-04-14_OTM - Meeting Welcome and Introduction
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2021-04-14_OTM - Day 1 close
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2021-04-14_HWU_Morteza Sefat_ Updates on Modelling Framework for Risk-Based Well Decommissioning Design
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2021-04-14_GOWell- Quinshan Yang_Thru tubing casing deformation and tubing DEC case study
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2021-04-14_ConocoPhillips_Amal Phadke_Efficency of jet-type PWC Technique through application of CFD
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2021-04-14_Astrimar_Brian Willis_Risk-based Well PA ALARP Demonstration
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2021-04-14_AkerBP_Halliburton_Laurent Delabroy_Per Arild Boganes - Automated cement jobs controlled from shore
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