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Meeting Documents
2022-10-18_PSA Norway, Nina Ringeon_Regulatory preparations for the Green Energy transition
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2022-10-18_OTM - Meeting Welcome and Introduction
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2022-10-18_OTM - Meeting Close
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2022-10-18_OEUK, Kareem Shafi_Well Decommissioning for CO2 Storage Guidelines
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2022-10-18-Uni of Tulsa_Buford Pollett-New US Federal Laws and the Impacts on Well Abandonment and Energy Transition Opps
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2022-10-18-Uis_Aker BP_Mahmoud Khalifeh_Larent Delabroy_The large scale test of polymer technology
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2022-10-18-TechnipFMC-Thomas Oia-Riserless Coiled Tubing - Enhanced Vesse Based P&A Operations
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2022-10-18-TechnipFMC-Darren Chalmers_Full Riserless Plug and Abandonment from an RLWI vessel
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2022-10-18-Petrobras-Marcelo Matos-Petrobras - Updates & future plans
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2022-10-18-NORCE-Katherine Jimenez_Norwegian P&A Laboratories
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2022-10-18-DTU_GEUS_Charlotte Larsen_Bodil Luridsen_Environmental Baseline for Natural Hydrocarbon Seepage
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2022-10-18-DTU-Charlotte Larsen_Abandonment considerations prior to re-purposing of infrastructures for CO2 storage
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2022-10-18-BP_Curt_Jones-CCS Life of storage P&A Considerations
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2022-05-12_Voll Marintek_Dennis Vollmar_Rigless P&A solutions_modular multipurpose concept
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2022-05-12_Titan Torque_Keith Gaskin_Slot Jet Isolate
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2022-05-12_TGT Diagnostics_Maxim Volkov_Flow potential units determination and successful isolation
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2022-05-12_TAM_Tim Davis_Thru tubing inflatable cement retainer witha circulating tool
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2022-05-12_Sudelac_Paul Howlett_TubingFORMER
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2022-05-12_PSA_Nina Ringeon - Regulatory update on rigless P&A
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2022-05-12_Petronas, Mohd Norhafifi_Hollistic Approach P&A Project
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2022-05-12_PACE Abstract_Voll Marintek
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2022-05-12_PACE Abstract_Titan Torque
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2022-05-12_PACE Abstract_TGT
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2022-05-12_PACE Abstract_TAM International
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2022-05-12_PACE Abstract_Sudalac
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2022-05-12_PACE Abstract_Petronas
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2022-05-12_PACE Abstract_NOV
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2022-05-12_PACE Abstract_Interwell
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2022-05-12_Pace Abstract_Abrado_
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2022-05-12_NOV, Massimiliano Gaeta_P&A in totally Rig less mode, using Coiled Tubing
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2022-05-12_Abrado_David Stokes_Novel Thru-tubing rigless abandoment
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