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Meeting Documents
2023-09-27_18_Exedra_Bernt Pedersen_A definitive barrier verification method - the key to unlocking risk based P&A
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2023-09-27_18 Abstract_Excedra_PACE Technical_Presentation_Application_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_17_DTU_Irene Rocchi_Shale as a barrier - standardized evaluation method
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2023-09-27_17 Abstract_DTU_PACE Technical Presentation Application Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_16_Uni of Stavanger_Oystein Arild_Past, present and future of risk-based P&A
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2023-09-27_16 Abstract_Uni Stavanger PACE Technical_Presentation_Application_Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_15_Archer_J Zajaczkowski D Troup_Identify Remediate Verify cross sectional cement barriers for permanent well PA
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2023-09-27_15 Abstract_PACE Technical_Presentation_Application_Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_14_THREE60 Energy_Thomas Kibsgaard-The importance of a structured approach to PP&A planning for a risk based PP&A des
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2023-09-27_14 Abstract_THREE60 Energy_PACE Technical_Presentation_Application_Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_12_WellGear_Fraser Dougall_HWO P&A Unit
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2023-09-27_12 Abstract_WellGear_PACE Technical_Presentation_Application_Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_11_DCT_Alastair Gordon_The Rubblizer – Time and cost saving enabler for casing recovery and annular barrier remediatio
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2023-09-27_11 Abstract_DeepCasingTools_PACE Technical_Presentation_Application_Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_10_TNO_Maartje Koning_Development of a screening framework for re-use of existing wells for CCUS projects
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2023-09-27_10 Abstract_TNO_PACE Technical Presentation Application Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_09_2H Offshore _Luiza Ferreira_Challenges of CCUS
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2023-09-27_09 Abstract_2H Offshore_PACE Technical_Presentation_Application_Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_08_WellDecommissioned_Marc Nijmeijer_Addressing standardisation and risks with digitalization
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2023-09-27_08 Abstract_Well Decommissioned_PACE Technical_Presentation_Application_Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_07_Aker BP_Martin Straume_Workshop creating a business case for using hydraulic work over units for P&A
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2023-09-27_06_Eni_Elisa Tita_Sara_Yu_Eni's PandA approach in the CCUS projects
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2023-09-27_05_DTU_Magdalena Skowyra_Temporary abandonment using pumpable, polymer-based plug
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2023-09-27_05 Abstract_DTU PACE Technical Presentation_Application Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_04_TNO_Gert-Jans Herrens_A long term durable and cost effective P&A solution using Bentonite
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2023-09-27_04 Abstract_TNO_PACE Technical Presentation Application Form_Sept 2023
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2023-09-27_03_PSA_Nina Ringoen_Risk-based design or standardisation–the future from a Regulators perspective
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2023-04-17_Repsol_David Dempsie_Repsol Well Life Cycle – Abandonment process, Spain case study
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2023-04-17_OTM_Shreekant Mehta_Network direction_Apr23
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2023-04-17_OTM_Shreekant Mehta_Meeting Welcome and Introduction
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2023-04-17_Operators Roundtable_Repsol_RSRUK P&A Update 2023
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2023-04-17_Noroiltools_Solve Hetland_New solutions to known challenges, Reduced rig time spent on tubulars
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2023-04-17_NDC_Sergi Arnau_Barrier qualification chamber
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2023-04-17_Lee Energy Systems_Dayln Beazer_Alternative method for safely evacuating annular space
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2023-04-17_Go Radical_Kjell Erik Drevdal_Radical strategy to deliver a step change in performance
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2023-04-17_DTU_Anders Krag_Subsea leak detection system for CH4 and CO2
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2023-04-17_Charles Ingold_Consultant_High efficiency cement stinger for well abandonment
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2023-04-17_CeraPhi-Energy_Higi Torregrosa_Turning liabilities into assets
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2023-04-17_BioSqueeze_John Griffin_Biomineralization A natural solution to eliminate sustained casing press
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2023-04-17_Axter_Henning Hansen_Axter Retrieve downhole machining
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