Next Meeting

Date: Monday 17th April and Tuesday 18th April 2023

Venue: Houston, USA

Meeting Title:  Energy transition in relation to Plugging & Abandonment

We are now accepting abstracts for consideration for presenting either in the main meeting or in one of the technical forums.

Details on the focus of the meeting topic are covered below.

 The energy transition is the main focus of the energy industry at the moment.  For the P&A industry this provides at least two foci:

  1. Managing traditional oil and gas activities with an eye to abandonment / repurposing
  2. Transferring P&A expertise to relevant areas of the transition such as CCS and Geothermal.

The issues we wish to explore at this meeting include, but are not limited to:

  • The evolving regulations around the energy transition – considering both offshore and onshore CC(U)S
  • Case studies repurposing wells for CCS projects and other challenges around well integrity and barrier verification
  • Minimising environmental impact for multi-p&A campaigns
  • Electrification of P&A equipment
  • New technology to minimise P&A environmental impact / emissions
  • Smart wells / future wellbores:
  • How are components going to be removed
  • How do you deal with a plethora of cables and sensors
  • Designing new wells with an eye towards the abandonment / repurposing
  • Tree design to aid with pressure verification
  • Alternate business models around late life P&A
  • Collaboration to stimulate the reuse of wells when decommissioning oil and gas infrastructure

PACE Call for Abstracts April 2023_V2

Please contact if you are interested in taking part in this meeting.