Next Meeting

Theme:                         North Sea Plugging and Abandonment  

Date:                            11th / 12th September 2019

Meeting Venue:        Stavanger, Norway

Meeting Agenda:      Coming soon

Hosted by:                 

Topic for this meeting will be chosen shortly.

The Confidential Operator Forums are open to both PACE Member Companies and Guests, with the opportunity to present/ pitch new technologies to the PACE operator members without other service companies/ vendors present. There is an open call for applications, from which the PACE Steering Committee will select 4 presenters to attend the session at this meeting.

Any confidential material shared in these sessions will be protected as in the PACE Membership Agreement, or alternatively presenters may choose to share only non-confidential information.

The Service Provider forums are also open to both PACE Member Companies and Guests. These forums are aimed at fostering joint solution provision among the service providers. The strict confidentiality terms of the operator forum will not apply, so presenters will be briefed accordingly.

The PACE Membership has decided to allow guests in the remainder of the meeting in order to bring additional solutions to the forefront and allow potential members the chance to see first-hand the benefits of being a part of PACE with a view to fostering the growth of the network. In addition, BSEE and the other North Sea regulators will be invited.


Henry St Aubyn, OTM Consulting Ltd.

US Land: +1 (832) 431 3147; Cell: +1 (832) 985 2449

Dawn Dukes, OTM Consulting Ltd.

Telephone: Land +44 (0) 1372 631 950