Hosted by founding member ExxonMobil, the launch meeting for PACE took place on the 20 September 2016 at The Woodlands Conference Center in Houston, Texas.

Previous PACE meetings

Apr 2024 – Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Sep 2023 – Rijswijk, The Netherlands
Apr 2023 – Houston
October 2022 – Stavanger
May 2022 – Houston
October 2021 – Virtual
April 2021 – Virtual
September 2020 – Virtual
April 2020 – Virtual
September 2019 – Stavanger
March 2019 – Houston
November 2018 – Aberdeen
July 2018 – Houston
April 2018 – Tulsa
November 2017 – Houston
June 2017 – Houston
March 2017 – Houston
September 2016 – Houston (Launch Meeting)

PACE Format

Each meeting is two full days for members and one and a half days for non-members. Day one involves a full day of knowledge-sharing presentations and facilitated discussions. The facilitated discussions will include subjects such as case studies, lessons learnt, technology needs and technical standards set around a topic agreed with the steering committee.

In the morning of day two, PACE network members provide the audiences for two Technical Forum sessions run in parallel; an Operators’ forum and Service Providers’ forum. In the operator’s forum the individual presenters have the opportunity to present their technology in front of their end-users only, and make a request for funding, field trials, joint research, or whatever it is they need to progress their product/service to the next stage. In the service providers’ forum, presenters have the opportunity to discuss with the member service providers how they might work together in a manner that enhances their respective capabilities. Companies wishing to present at these sessions can request a Technical Forum Application Form from OTM.

The afternoon of day two continues with knowledge-sharing presentations and facilitated discussions, and concludes with a review of actions and setting the next meeting topic.